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Can E-cig Saves a Person from Nicotine Addiction?

Many of us are still baffled by the question of whether the use of the e-cigarette can enable a person to overcome one’s addiction to nicotine. This question is still not categorically and exhaustively answered by medical experts, and it still remains an open-ended question. Even if some medical experts would proffer a seemingly categorical answer to this question, there would still be doubts because these answers would still border on a wide guess and would remain hypothetical. Unless there would be many long-term studies that would categorically prove that the continuous use of e-cigarette has a lasting and enabling effect on the part of the nicotine addict to overcome his nicotine addiction, the answer to this question would still remain hanging in a balance.

Let me then try to give a good hypothetical answer to the abovementioned inquiry as to whether nicotine addiction can be solved by the use of e-cig, by looking first into the reason why a person becomes addicted to nicotine.

Reasons Why A Person Becomes Nicotine Addict
Nicotine is the substance that is highly addictive in a tobacco product. Just like any other addictive substance, it has the power to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is the substance associated with the feeling of reward and pleasure; however, nicotine increases the levels of dopamine in the brain indirectly. There are critical evidences that show that dopamine is very important for the behavior of wanting. Hence, it is usually associated with addiction because addiction is a behavior wherein a person acts to obtain something. Likewise, nicotine activates the reward neural pathways in the brain, and once a person inhales a tobacco smoke, these rewards pathways are again activated. The pleasurable effects of nicotine intake, however, dissipate immediately, and hence an addicted person has to take another dose of nicotine to feel that pleasurable feelings again.

Having discussed lightly why tobacco, which has nicotine, is addictive, we can now move on to the question as to whether e-cig can mitigate and lessen the addiction to nicotine. A friend of mine bought one of the best e cig uk can provide him in the hope of withdrawing himself from nicotine addiction. He said he is slowly withdrawing himself from nicotine addiction, yet he still finds the craving to puff a cigar. So he bought an e-cig. Yet, will he be saved from nicotine addiction if he uses e-cig? This the usual question, and I think my friend is slowly kicking the habit of tobacco smoking in favor of e-cig smoking. He replaces one habit by another habit which he thinks is less detrimental than tobacco smoking. Well, we could say that his move is pretty much logical for there are instances in our lives wherein we were able to overcome one bad habit by replacing it with a better habit. People often practice this method, and they are often triumphant in the process. For this reason, it can also be applied to the use of e-cig which can supplant the use of tobacco cigarette. Tobacco smoking is a bad habit for it makes our body vulnerable to diseases. Hence, if a person uses a less potent and less detrimental substance and method, he could definitely overcome cigarette smoking.