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Choosing the Right Rifle Scope

Choosing the right rifle scope for your rifle today, is not the easy task it once was and the reason for this is that the advances in technology have today, left you with many different choices. In order to choose the right one or you today, you will have to read many rifle scope reviews. Although the different reviews may make different recommendations as to which they believe the best scope to be, it is only you that can decide which is the best scope for you as you will be the one using it. In making your decision, you will have to bear in mind what range you intend to fire from, what weight you would like the scope to be, heavy or light and how fast will you probably need it to focus on target. Some scopes are excellent at medium and long ranges but are not so accurate at shorter distances whilst other scopes, may be good for shorter or medium ranges but not so good for long range use. Some scopes, although ideal in all aspects, are somewhat heavy and so if you are planning walking miles on a hunt, you may want one that is lighter. If you target shoot or rely on stealth for hunting, you may want accuracy regardless of how loon it takes to set up the shot whilst others may want quick target acquisition and so need a scope that is very swiftly adjusted. There is of course one other factor that is perhaps just as important and that factor is the cost. Some of the high end rifle scopes can cost several thousands of dollars, like the Newcon Optik 75mm, 384×288 Thermal Rifle Scope which costs a cool $17,548 or the FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight Scope which costs a little less at $16,900. Both these high end rifle scopes are of course good and have some very fancy features that may include the latest technologies in thermal imaging and software for easier target acquisition. The FLIR Systems T75 ThermoSight Scope even has a mini joy stick for target adjustments and a video capability. Not all rifle users, even the most avid hunter, may wish to pay that amount for a scope and so a popular one for them is the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Riflescope which only costs $220. This is a scope that despite its relatively low price provides quality and reliable accuracy for medium and long range although it may not be so accurate for the shorter ranges. Surprisingly for $220, this scope also has some advanced features such a multicoated glass for allowing clear imaging even in the bad light of sunrise and sunset. It also has an easy to use eye piece that allows for rapid target acquisition. Perhaps the most important thing when buying a scope is ensuring that it mounts correctly on your rifle as regardless of how accurate a scope may be, if it is mounted badly, it never will perform to its best.