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Making Canada your Home

There are a lot of people from all over the world that have thought about moving to Canada and making that their home. Fortunately for many of those people, Canada is one of the easiest countries in the world to immigrate to due to its size and its relatively small population for that size. For those people that are still only thinking about it and haven’t yet done it, they can learn how to immigrate to Canda from just one Canada Immigration website. Although this website is usually easily accessible, on two occasions in our recent history, it has to close temporarily due to the numbers visiting it all at the same time. The first occasion was a couple of years ago when the stock exchange took a big hit and stocks dropped in price rapidly. The second time was more recently when Donald Trump won the United States Presidential election. On both of these occasions of course, the website was jammed to Americans visiting it. Although usually Americans are free to cross the border into Canada without the need for a Visa, if they intend to reside or work in Canada, they do need permission and either a work Visa or residency permits. It isn’t usually only Americans that want to immigrate to Canada, people from all over the world immigrate there and this has resulted in many of the Canadian cities being extremely multi-cultural. Although much of the world believes that the national language for Canada is English, they are only half correct. In fact Canada has two national languages, English and French. This means that if you are immigrating to Canada, know where you are immigrating to as you may end up in a city that speaks mainly French. It is estimated that 80% of Canadians speak English with 20% speaking French and the other 20% speak a variety of languages including some of the languages of the original inhabitants of the land. What potential immigrants from warner climates should also realize is that Canada can get very cold during the winter months, especially in the more Northern provinces and territories and so they should be prepared to face weather conditions they may have never experienced before. Having said that though, Canadians and Canada in general are used to these extremely cold conditions and so the infrastructure and accommodations are always suitable and capable of keeping you warm. Immigrants should be aware though that sometimes during these extremely cold conditions, certain restrictions must be put in place and these restrictions must be adhered to for every body’s safety. As with most other countries, it is easier to Immigrate to Canada if you possess certain skills which Canadians are short of and you can go online to find out what these particular skills. Although there is a Federal list of jobs which Canada on the whole needs to be filled, each province may also have its own list of vacancies which need to be filled and so look at those too.