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Reviewing Pond Aeration Systems

As with most things that you may buy today, before buying a pond aeration system you may want to look at some reviews first, in order to assist you in making the right choice. When looking at the pond aeration reviews though, keep in mind the depth of your pond as there are different systems for different depths of pond. Usually aeration systems can be divided into 2 categories; those for shallow ponds with a depth of up to 6 feet and those for deeper ponds which have depth that is greater than 6 feet. Among the shallow water aeration systems, probably the fountain is one of the more popular choices as, apart from being an effective aeration system; a fountain can also add charm and character to a pond. Apart from looking splendid, the water which is tossed into the air by the fountain is also being aerated as it comes in contact with the air and as the fountain creates a circulation in the water of the pond and that circulation allows for all the water in the pond to be adequately aerated. The propeller system is also a popular shallow water aeration system. The propeller has no show of grandeur like the fountain but is just as effective as by the propellers agitating the water, that water receives aeration and the propellers also create a circulation in the pond, similar to that created by a fountain. These 2 systems are only able to be used in shallow ponds though due to the circulation they cause having no effect on the water which is at a depth of more than 6 feet. For the deeper ponds therefore, a diffusion aeration system is required. The diffusion aeration system is effective for all depths of pond as it starts the aeration process from the bottom of the pond, working its way up to the surface. For this type of system a compressor it connected to a power source and it sits at the edge of the pond. The compressor is also connected to a diffusion unit by an air hose. The diffusion unit is placed at the bottom of the pond so that as it releases the air pumped to it by the compressor, the air starts aerating the water at the lower depths first and then continues to aerate the shallower water as it makes its way to the surface.
Usually these aeration systems are powered by the mains electricity but as not all ponds are conveniently situated close to a mains source of power, some of the systems come with their own source of power, in the form of a kit. One type of power kit consists of a windmill which will produce enough power to operate the aeration system it is provided with. Other kits may include solar packages and these too will provide sufficient power to operate the aeration system they are provided with. Some of these solar kits are able to power their aeration system for 3 days without additional sunlight.