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Shopping for Chairs

There are times when you may be asked by your boss to do some shopping for your worksite. If you are lucky enough to be asked to shop chairs for work then you will have the opportunity to ensure that you and your workmates have comfortable, ergonomic office chairs to sit on and work from. All too often when we work in an office, the chairs we are given to sit on are inappropriate for sitting on for hours on end and each year the result is that all too many office workers suffer from unnecessary back pain or pains in their necks.

An ergonomic office chair is a chair which has been designed to allow people to sit on it whilst maintaining a natural posture. Of course though we all have different size and shaped bodies and so no one chair would probably be suitable for all of us unless it was adjustable. For this reason, most of the better office chairs are adjustable, not with just one adjustable feature but with several. Some of the adjustable features you could expect a better, ergonomic office chair to have are:

  • Headrest – If the chair has a headrest, that headrest should be adjustable for maximum comfort and allow adequate support to the neck.
  • Recline – Although the back of a good chair should be able to recline to some degree, the best chair will allow the seat to move at the same time, adjusting to your new adopted position.
  • Seat Height – For comfort as well as well-being, if you are going to sit on a chair for hours on end, the height of your seat should be adjustable.
  • Seat Depth – This is important as although you will want to be able to sit all the way back, you will not want your legs to have to press against the seat.
  • Armrests – If armrests are fitted they should either be adjustable or able to be moved out of the way in order to allow you to work unimpeded by your elbows rubbing against them.
  • Back Supports – The backrest or any back supports the chair may have will have been designed to give maximum support to the lumbar region of your back. The support should therefore be adjustable to ensure that the correct portion of the back is being supported.

Although moveable or swivel office chairs are often preferred and many different ones are available, they are not necessarily needed unless your specific job requires you to make moves frequently. Some people mistakenly believe that if a chair is on castors or can swivel, it is an ergonomically good chair. The fact is that although if a chair has the option to be moved without standing up, it can allow you some movement and is perhaps therefore better than many chairs which are static, it is whether or not the chair allows you to have good posture whilst sitting which is far more important, even if that chair does not allow for easy movement.